4th Young Ludwig Youth Music Competition

24 September 2023 - 01 October 2023

Universität der Künste Berlin

Do you play violin, piano, or cello?
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4th Young Ludwig Youth Music Competition!

The competition is being held in three age groups

Age group 1:

Born after 31 Dezember 2011

1st prize:   500 €

2nd prize: 250 €

3rd prize:  150 €


Age group 2:

Born after 31 Dezember 2008

1st prize:  1000 €

2nd prize:  500 €

3rd prize:   250 €

Age group 3:

Born after 31 Dezember 2005

1st prize:    1500 €

2nd prize:  1000 €

3rd prize:     500 €


The Rolf-Sawatzki-Prize is awarded to the best participant across all age groups. The winner will perform a concert at the Philharmonic Hall in Berlin with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. 

European-Circle-of- Friends-of-the-Julius-Stern-Institute-Prize

The first prize for age group I is donated by the European Circle of Friends of the Julius-Stern-institute. Besides the prize money of 500 €, it encompasses the participation in a representative concert at the University of Arts Berlin.  

The Jury

The members of the jury are internationally acclaimed experts in their fields. 

Prof. Dr. Tomasz Tomaszewski - Universität der Künste Berlin

Prof. Mi-Joo Lee - Universität der Künste Berlin

Prof. Anita Rennert - Universität der Künste Berlin

Prof. Claude Lelong - Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris

Prof. Catalin Ilea - Universität der Künste Berlin

Participants can request to be accompagnied by our professional pianists:

Zuzanna Basinska

Adam Tomaszewski 


We wish to thank our partners without whom the competition would not be possible.